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About the maker

In the early 90's, after quite some time spent angling with graphite rods, I became intrigued by bamboo. My finances were limited and it seemed that cane rods were an unnecessary luxury for a young man starting a family. I put the ambition to the side until a trip to the
South Platte River in Colorado would forever change the way I looked at fishing.

It was a beautiful October day in a stretch of the
South Platte River between 11 mile and Spinney Mountain Reservoir. I had engaged the services of a guide in Colorado Springs and he was showing me the trout filled waters and tying a Blue Winged Olive Mayfly imitation to my tippet. Unfortunately, the fly shop that I had purchased a new fly line from made the mistake of attaching the wrong end of a weight forward line on my reel.  I began to cast the rod and became frustrated by the fact that the rod wouldn't load properly.  As the day was winding down, I began to discuss the guides favorite outfit for fishing. He pulled out a 7' 6" four weight Gary Howells bamboo rod and allowed me to cast it. I was hooked!!

My finances were still tight so I thought that perhaps I could make a rod to cut down on costs. I gathered the tools and learned the craft without much outside direction.  I made a few rods ad soon found that the making was almost as rewarding as the fishing. I discovered a company that catered to bamboo rod makers, named the Golden Witch and began to purchase materials from them.  One day the owner asked if I would be interested in working for him. This led to a  2 year apprenticeship of sorts and taught me a great deal about constructing rods.

Bamboo rods have become an obsession.  Many of my clients have become friends and allow me to continue the search for that magical feel I encountered on a
Colorado stream some years ago.

Thank you!

Bill Taylor


Quadrate Models

In 2004, I made my first quadrate models and they have become the overwhelming favorite of my rod offerings.

They have a brisk, crisp, powerful action that many anglers say allows for pin point fly placement. 

Most recently I have started to develop hollow built quadrate rods that further reduce weight.

Two Piece Rods   (PHOTOS TO COME)

6' 0"    3wt.
6' 6"    4wt.  (Emily's Remedy)
7' 0"    4 wt.

   5 wt.

8' 0"    5/6 wt.

8' 6"    6/7 wt.

Three Piece Rods    $1395.

7' 0"   4 wt.
8' 0"   5/6 wt.
8' 6"   7 wt.

Hexagonal Models

Most of these hexagonal rods are derived from classic tapers by makers like Payne, Young and Dickerson. 

If there is a model you are interested in that isn't listed here, please inquire! I enjoy crafting rods to meet specific needs. 

Presentation Grade rods are available on a limited basis and prices will be quoted depending on the amount of engraving and special features requested. 

Two Piece Rods      

6' 0"  3 wt                           6' 3"   4 wt.
6' 6"  3 wt.                          7' 0"   4 wt.
7' 3"  4/5 wt.                       7' 6"   4 wt
7' 6"  5 wt.                          8' 0"   5 wt
8' 0"  6 wt.                          8' 6"   6 wt.
8' 6"  7 wt.

Three Piece Rods      

7' 0"      4 wt.                      7' 6"     5 wt.
8' 0"      5 wt.                      8' 6"     5 wt.
8' 6"      7wt.

Four Piece Rods    

7' 6"     5wt.                      8' 0"      5 wt.



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