1. M-FOOT in narrow width will fit 1492-1494-1495 and 1496

2. M-FOOT in wide width with fit 1492 1/2, 1494 1/2, 1495 1/2, and 1498.

3. Drag plates in A-2 design or hard coat,

Drag plates make it possible to change from LHW to RHW,

or RHW to LHW.

4. Aluminum spool latch covers. Replacements for the white plastic ones or give your reel the original vintage look.

5. J. W. Young reel foot replacements available in new style or old. New style come in brass, bright aluminum or black anodized.

Old Young foots come in brass or aluminum.

6. New screw sets to replace your ole and worn screws. Made of stainless.

Latch Cover $21.95

New Screw Set $15.85

Old Young Foot

Black Aluminim, Brass and Aluminum $29.95 each

New Young Foot

Brass and Black Aluminum $29.95 each

A-2 Drag Plate and Hard Coat Drag Plate

$27.95 each

Narrow and Wide M-Parts

$22.95 each


Now Available:

Hi Profile Counter balance .220 and .250


Lo Profile Counter balance .220 and .250



Items coming in the near future:

1. Adjuster regulator screws for all models.

2. Handle replacement kits.

3. Old screw kits.