As someone with a love of nature and fishing in particular, I began carving in 1985, often focusing on nature and the beauty that I saw while pursuig some of my favorite pastimes.

Waterfowl and Fish have been the focus of most of my carvings but there has been an occasional shore bird, eagle and a puffin or two!

Fishing had always been a significan part of my life and continues to this day. My latest works centered on recreating the beauty that I see in the fish and of the days remembered pursuing them.

I often start with a picture and create a pattern and subsequent woodcarving with various degrees of detail. Often each scale is carved or burned into the wood to capture those intricate details. When painting, each scale is hand painted with several applications of media. I develop color with multiple coats of various paints, pastels and powders, using both airbrush and artist brushes. Starting with base layer often airbrushed on, followed by pastels and powdered paint, I create an accurate and long lasting piece of art.

I can turn your favorite catch into an amazing, realistic wood carving.

Rich Metzger

Striped Bass Wall Mout $525..




With a photo and some measurements your fish can be recreated in wood carving that takes you back to that moment in time.

Brownie on wooden plaque $425.


Rich Metzger is dedicated to recreating nature in the art of skillfully carved and painted wood sculptures.

There are two styles of wood carvings.

The Smooth style is a carved piece where the details are done with different techniques.

The Detailed style is done with the use of different carving or burning techniques to add texture to the wood.

1/2 Body Smooth Finish

$17.50 per inch

1/2 Body Detailed Finish.

$23.00 per inch

1 Sided Full Body Smooth Wall Mount Carving

$25.00 per inch

1 Sided Full Body Detailed Wall Mount Carving

$32.00 per inch

2 Sided Full Body Carving - Smooth

$$40.00 per inch

2 Sided Full Body Carving - Detailed

$50. - $80. Depending on other details

The above pricing is for the fish only, backgrounds and habitats are extra.

The Wildlife carvings are priced per piece.

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