Protect Your Investment with
Custom Rod Bags



that have 3 sections, butt, mid and one that holds the

bamboo tube for tips. You know the one!

Gold is available again!!

Can be made in Olive green depending on availability. $50.


Custom Rod Carrier

Carrier can hold 4-6 rod tubes. This one pictured holds 4.

This Carrier is made of sturdy Duck Cloth. 48" x 18"

with a flap (Monograming available)

Can hold standard size tubes and larger diameter tubes up to 2 inches.

Will hold up to 9' 2pc rods in length.

Leather handle attached to Oak wood inside for strength in lifting the carrier.

Adjustable straps of woven cotton and heavy black plastic buckles.

Available with leather straps and brass buckles.

Can also be made to order without the oak support.

$350. - $400. depending on details of order.



Now available in a Heavy Duck cloth in a variety of colors.

Black, Chocolate Brown, Navy Blue, Red, Forrest Green, Tan,

Rust, Burgandy and others just ask...

Gold is available again!!

Colors depend on availability

This bag holds up well to protect your rod and the labels that are on them. Very Popular!!  $30.00!



2 - 3 Block Letters - $7.

Other Names or Designs available. Price to be discussed when ordering.


Reel Bags and Inside Rod Bags

New!  Now can be made in Flannel!



Cloth Reel bags, two sizes, Small $10. Large - $15.
Inside Rod bags, sizes from 6' to 9'

Flannel or twill Inside bags with trim and flap are $25.00

Cloth Inside bags - no flap and no trim $20.00

New Items!!

Suede Reel bags

Colors vary upon availability. Nice rawhide pulls.

Made in U.S.A.

Large ones are 8" x 6" - $12.95

Suede Medium size ones 6" x 4" - $10.95



Robert R. Selb

Classic Fly Fisherman

231 S. Broad St.

Lansdale, PA 19446

Visa and Mastercard also check or Money Order, Paypal can be used on orders under $150.00.

Toll Free 1-866-930-3667 or 215-412-3667