Walt Carpenter

My rod making experiences at both Payne and Leonard, and most importantly the desire to handcraft the finest split bamboo rods, have given birth to a standard of rod excellence that I'm now offering as the Carpenter "Browntone." These "classics" are made with the same enthusiasm and integrity as the creations of my predecessors in this the "Hudson Valley" or "Catskill" school of rod makers.  They indeed trace their lineage to the works of Fred Thomas, Eustis Edwards and Jim Payne.

The cane used to build your rod is from stock of butt cut "Tonkin" and its qualities are further enhanced by a special brown toning technique which is unique with the Carpenter "Browntone." The rich walnut toning, blending into golden colored nodes enables the rod to be called "The most beautiful of rods."


The hard tungsten wire guides are wrapped with a rich mahogany brown, finely tipped black to achieve the most striking coordination.  All nickel silver mountings are oxidized a deep black and are made of 18% alloy.  These "silver" mountings are made by me in my shop.

Each rod is finished with four coats of the finest tung-oil spar varnish for years of trouble free service.

The rod is supplied with a hand sewn partitioned bag, and a heavy walled aluminum case.

After 50 hours of dedicated, hand-work, the Carpenter "Browntone" is ready to go fishing.

With this in mind, you can feel complete confidence in choosing a Carpenter "Browntone" as your ideal.

                                                                                                   Walt E. Carpenter, Rod maker


The following models are availabale on a regular basis with your choice of reelseat and grip combinations. Most models are available either

Full Loading, Medium or Fast action, Medium Fast being the most popular.


2 Pc. with extra tip

in cloth bag and aluminum

case. $4,950.

Model 97 7' #3 Fairy
Model 98 7' #4  
Model 99L 7' 3" #3  
Model 99 7' 3" #4  
Model 100 7'6" #4  
Model 100H 7' 6" #5  
Model Semi-Para 7' 3" #4  
Model Semi-Para 7' 9" #5  

3 Pc. with extra tip

in cloth bag and aluminum

case $5,150.

Model 200 7' 6" #4
Model 201 7' 6" #5
Model 201 1/2 7' 9" #5
Model 202 8' #4
Model 202H 8' #5
Model 203L 8 1/2' #4
Model 203 8 1/2' #5

All other Models on Special Order. Please, allow me to quote price and delivery at

time of order. Terms: Qaulity, unaltered, cane rods and fly reels in good condition may be used as partial payment

toward your Carpenter Browntone or Special Grade Rod, either on a consignment basis for sale, or as a direct trade-in,

whichever best benefits both the customer and the Rodmaker. I will give you a written confirmation of your order. Once I have started

the blanks for your Carpenter Rod, I require a $1,000.00. Non-refundable deposit. I will notify you when your rod is near

completion. The balance will be due at that time. No rods are shipped without prior payment.






Please call or e-mail for availability. " 


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