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12 & 14 Adams

14,16,18 B.W.O.

14 & 16 Lt. Hendrickson

12,14,16 Quill Gordon

#12 & #14 March Brown

#12 & #14 Gray Fox

#14 & #16 Red Quills

#14 Cream Variants

#14 Conovers

#14 Qeacks

#16 Blue Quills

#10 March Brown Spinners

#14 & #16 Lt. Cahill

DICK TALLEUR FRAMED SHADOW BOX OF STREAMER FLIES, Measures 17" X 12", Comes with picture, business card signed card and 2 of his streamer flies. Very nicely done. Shadow box was done by Roger Plourde, CT. In Walnut frame. $150.
6 FLIES TIED BY BOB CLOUSER- Mounted in shadow box measures 16 1/2" x 11 1/2". Very nicely done. Signed by Bob Clouser. $150.

GLASS DOME WITH 3 FULL DRESSED CLASSIC SALMON FLIES TIED BY TED KANTNER, HATBORO, PA. Patterns are tied on Limerick Blind-eyed Antique Salmon hooks, The series are tied on a 7/0, 5/0, 3/0 hooks. $300.

GEORGE KAWCHAK - POTTSTOWN, PA, George has been tying full dressed Salmon flies for 25 years and does an extremely nice job! Flies are tyed on Ronn Lucas Sr. 3/0 and 4/0 Noble S hooks made by him. I have 6 different flies to offer. Each come mounted in small plastic shadow
box set in oak mounts. Patterns are "The Brown Dog", "The Dunckle", "The Bull Dog", "The Baron", "The Popham" on 3/0 size and "The Silver Grey" on 4/0 hook. $125. each.
GEORGE KAWCHAK - SALMON FLY TIER, POTTSTOWN, PA, "JOCK SCOTT" 4/0, Hook was made by Ron Lucas. Salmon fly tied with the all the original authentic materials that are in the pattern. $175.




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